Our Kit

Kemp’s Men’s Kit

This page tries to describe our costume. You’ll soon realise we’re all Norwich City Football Club followers by the colours we use (especially the socks)! Don’t ask why we dress like this …

From the photo you’ll see we wear the following:

  • no hat
  • white shirt, long sleeves, open necked, no kerchief
  • green/yellow baldricks finished with –
    Left and right sides – Kemps badges, colour embossed on leather, with red and yellow ribbon flash. At the back – Kemps badge, colour embossed on leather, on red rosette  On the chest – Kemps cast brass badge on a red leather rosette (or gilt on green leather with red/yellow rosette for junior members)

    This is the badge – Large ones called Big Willy’s and small Litte Willy’s

  • green breeches with brown leather belt with tankard attachment point
  • yellow long socks (probably cast offs from Norwich City FC)
  • yellow leather bellpads with bells and green and red ribbon
  • black shoes
  • white hanks with Kemp’s logo sewn into the cloth
  • long and short sticks (depends on the dance)

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