Our Dances

Kemp’s Men dance “Cotswold Morris” taking the dance steps and many of the tunes from the village sides that are still found in the Cotswolds today.  

Norwich, of course, is not in the Cotswolds – but we do have our own tradition and dance it proudly alongside the rest.

“We don’t guarantee to perform all of the dances all of the time, but we will dance all of them some of the time, or even some of them all of the time!”

Norfolk (Norwich-upon-Wensum) 

Postman’s Knock* Starry Night* Sutton Mill* Trunch Bypass* Beet Topping* Fakenham Fair* Kett’s Rebellion* Win’s Gallop* Barley Troshing* Strictly Gomme Dancing*


Black Joke* 17th May Beaux of London City* Bluebells of Scotland* Lads-a-Bunchum* Sweet Jenny Jones*

Beaux of London City or Shooting

Ascot Hedgehog Skins* Country Gardens* Pepper in the Brandy* Badby Beaux of London City* Maid and the Palmer* Bampton Bobbin About Bonny Green Garters* Highland Mary* The Quaker Rose Tree* Step’n Fetch Her* Trunkles Walk of the Tupenny Postman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SHF1ZmXTJc Bledington Black Joker * Cuckoo’s Nest* Gallant Hussar* Morning Star* Trunkles* William & Nancy* Young Collins* Bucknell Queen’s Delight* Room for Cuckolds* Willow Tree* Ducklington Jockey to the Fair The Lollipop Man* Old Taylor* Eynsham Feathers Fieldtown Balance the Straw Banks of the Dee* Country Gardens* Dearest Dickie* Glorisher* Jockey to the Fair* Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket* The Rose* Shepherd’s Hey* Step Back* Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill* Valentine* Headington Bean Setting* Hunt the Squirrel* Laudnum Bunches* Rigs o’ Marlow* Rodney* Trunkles Ilmington Constant Billy* Cuckoo’s Nest* Jubilee* Maid of the Mill Old Woman Tossed Up Lichfield Castlering* Jenny Lind * Millie’s Bequest Ring ‘o Bells* Sheriff’s Ride* Vandals of Hammerwich* Oddington Idbury Hill* Old Frog Young Collins* Sherborne Constant Billy* Cuckoo’s Nest* Lads a Bunchun Monck’s March* Orange in Bloom*                      Wheatley Room for the Cuckoo*


“Room for the Cuckoo” at Norwich Cathedral! Hmnnn…!

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