Win’s Tutorial Tunes – Bacca Pipes – Idbury Hill

 An introduction to these  tunes 

Bacca Pipes (Headington)

Balance the Straw (Fieldtown)

Banbury Bill (Bampton)

Banks of the Dee (Ascot)

Black Joker (Bledington)

Bobbing Around (Bampton)

Bonnets so Blue (Bucknell)

Captain With His Whiskers (Brackley)

Constant Billy (Fieldtown)

Constant Billy (Headington)

Country Gardens (Fieldtown)

Cuckoo’s Nest (Bledington)

Cuckoo’s Nest (Illmington)

Dearest Dickie (Fieldtown)

Eynsham Poacher (Eynsham)

Flowers of Edinburgh (Bampton)

Flowers of Edinburgh (Bledington)

Fool’s Jig (Bampton)

Forester (Fieldtown)

Glorisher (Fieldtown)

Headington Morris Reel (Headington)

Hedgehogs (Ascot)

Idbury Hill (Oddington)


The Tunes                  

Bacca Pipes – Idbury Hill

                 Jockey to the Fair – Mrs Casey

                       Saturday Night – Under the Myrtle Tree

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