23 April 2016 — St George’s Day



Rumburgh (blue), Kemp’s and Kings Men (tophats)

One of the duties of Kemps Men is to escort the Dragons from Norwich Castle to St Georges Church, Tombland, on St George’s Day.

We were hosted at the Castle by Rumburgh and ably assisted Kings Men Morris dancers.

We also took the opportunity to dance in the streets of Norwich with Kings Men, while hoping the rain would stop.


Kemps & Kings Men (no rain just yet)

The Dragons are Eric (left, with yellow legs) and Snap (with the teeth).

Snap well demonstrates the Pythonesque Scientific Theory of Dinosaurs, as he is very thin at one end, gets very fat in the middle, and very thin at the other end.


He’s behind you !!

Kemps are aided in this onerous task by the Whifflers and Standard Bearers, whose job is to help keep the riff-raff away from the Dragons.

This is because the Dragons are easily upset by crowds and may react adversely by breathing fire at the onlookers.

(Yes, they had Elf and Safety even in those far off days .. )


How to stroke your dragon …

After inspecting the collection of historic Dragons in the Castle Keep, the Whifflers escort the current Dragons to St George’s Church, Colegate.


A Deadly Dragon (maybe ?? )







Snap and Whifflers at St George’s, Colegate



(if you believe any of this rubbish, you might consider joining the Monster Raving Loony Party … )