Jam Maker

A great first practice for the Norwich-upon -Wensum  dance Jamaica last night.

Staying with the conceit that all dances, like old songs, are discovered here is the back story:-


350px-TheDancingMaster-1stEd-TitlePageYou may have heard that the tune was published by that chap Playford.  Well let me tell you where he got it from.

In 1655 there was a shortage of Jam throughout England and Cromwell knew he had to do something. The answer was sugar. You couldn’t go to Asda in those days so he sent his blokes off the the Carribean where the Spanish had tons of the stuff. They captured an island from the Spanish and got as much as they needed.

When the sugar got back to Norfolk all them mawthers were overjoyed and they sent their husbands out of the way so they could get on with the jam making.

Those old boys drunk a pint or two and then thought they better commemorate the victory with a dance which they naturally called Jam Maker.

The tune was stolen by Playford and the dance gentrified.

Now it has been returned to the common people.


Jam Maker? (actually, its marmalade)

Jam Maker? (rather, it’s marmalade)